Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am Officially a Waterhog!

Hello Blog World!

After two weeks of careful tracking, I finally have my numbers for my daily water use. I:
  • Flush the toilet 5 times a day and have a 13 litre toilet
  • Wash my hands and/or face 7 times a day and run the water 15 seconds each time
  • Shower 3 times a week for 9 minutes
  • Wash the dishes once a day and run the water for 2 minutes each time
  • Use 3 litres of water a week for cooking
  • Brush my teeth twice a day and run the tap 30 seconds each time
  • Run the water about 3 minutes a week for shaving
  • Clean 2 loads of laundry per week with a standard washing machine
With all these numbers, I use about 275 liters of water a day. In the city of Guelph the water usage is approximately 230 litres a day (Source: City of Guelph). Canadians on average consume 329 litres of water a day (Source: Environment Canada)

So, although my water usage isn't nearly as high as the Canadian average, it is much higher than the Guelph average. To put my water use in a better perspective, in the UK the average water consumption is 149 litres per day, in China 86 litres per day and in Mozambique only 4 litres a day (Source: Data 360)

I will admit I am quite ashamed of my water consumption. It's hard to see how much water one really uses in a day. But what to do? Well, thankfully there are many ways that you can conserve water. As of today I am officially in water warrior mode, I will post again with updates soon!

Ta-ta for now!

Your Water Warrior,


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  1. You should cut down on the number of toilet flushes per day..